OK, today’s title dates me to the 1950s and 60s. With that said, you might remember some advice I offered on Monday. It was that when writing a book, decide when “enough is enough” and save subsequent content for the second edition or your next book. Today I offer an example of me practicing what I preach. This content did not “make the cut” of Highly Visible Marketing. It will instead appear in print later this year. Here it is.

Did you ever dream about running your own newspaper? Here is a free opportunity to become an online Editor-in-Chief. takes your Twitter stream and extracts links to news stories, photographs and videos. It then determines which stories are relevant based on criteria you establish. The service creates themed pages based on specific topics using hashtags. A Twitter user is therefore a potential editor, with the people they follow serving as their unpaid journalists. users then distribute their daily or weekly publication as a unique newspaper, written from a perspective of what is considered of interest on the Web on any given day. You can create up to ten versions of newspapers, each of which can be set up in minutes.

A downside of this communications vehicle is that since it is automatically generated, you have no say in what appears as the lead story, and cannot hide or rearrange the topical sections. The good news is that once created, it is completely self-sustaining. In addition, since tweets every time a new edition of your newspaper is issued, this idea increases your Twitter followers as it helps establish your profile as a recognized expert in your field.

To view a sample of in action, visit and read The CFO America Daily.

P.S. Today’s topic provided an excuse to include a picture of the great Jackie Cooper. Mr. Cooper played Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet in the 1970s Superman series. His TV and movie career spanned┬áseven decades, and included serving in the Navy in World War II. Jackie passed away last week at the age of 88.

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