Welcome to CFO America, LLC. We are a professional consulting organization dedicated to helping business owners define, implement and monitor the tactical and strategic elements necessary to bring financial success to their business. We provide fractional or part-time CFO and executive management expertise not available to most businesses on an in-house basis.

Our goal is to help you define, implement and monitor the directional and foundational constructs necessary to bring financial wholeness to your business and position it for success. Experience has taught us that the biggest problems in business are not caused by someone making a wrong decision, but by no one making any decision.

We seek to add value to every engagement by providing objective, pragmatic and actionable solutions to the business and financial challenges you face every day. But we also believe that offering scholarly sounding advice that a business cannot understand, afford or successfully implement within an acceptable time frame is no advice at all. Saying “no” without offering suitable alternatives is equally unacceptable. We refuse to be ensnared by these common traps.

We add value through:

Strategic and tactical planning
o Financial modeling
o Expense budgets and variance analysis
o Cash flow projections
o Capital budgets

Working capital optimization
o Cost structure review
o Profit enhancement
o Net present value analysis

Core accounting and financial projects
o Financial reporting and analysis
o Process controls and improvement

Banking and creditor relations
o Treasury management
o Debt compliance

Mergers & acquisitions
o Target identification
o Due diligence and value analysis
o Integration
o Transitional operations management

Organizational design and development
o Staffing, recruitment and compensation plan review
o Business process outsourcing analysis and implementation
o Interim staffing
o Enterprise risk management

Process improvement
Risk management review
Turnaround management
Business exit strategies

Thank you for visiting our web site. We invite you to learn more about us and to contact us to explore how we can assist you to achieve your business objectives.

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