CFO America offers its services in two ways. The first is providing fractional CFO and executive management services to small and middle market businesses on an agreed schedule for an extended period of time. A typical client would be an organization with an employee or small staff capable of handling routine accounting functions but requiring additional part-time resources for higher level functions such as strategic planning, financial modeling, reporting and analysis, creditor relations, etc. These projects are priced on a negotiated hourly rate for a fixed number of hours per week or month, with complete flexibility to adjust hours as required.

The second alternative is project related engagements. These assignments are limited to a predefined scope and duration. Past engagements have included strategic planning , cost structure analysis, transition or interim management and core accounting and financial projects such as financial reporting, analysis and management. Pricing can be arranged on an hourly basis or a fixed price, depending on the expected scope and duration of the project.

In both cases, services are offered at affordable rates designed to reflect a cost effective return on the value delivered.

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